Armon Williams


Armon Williams began entertaining sports fans on the football field and easily transitioned into entertaining up on stage and over the airwaves. Armon’s comedic approach translates to a vast array of audiences and spans nearly every thinkable subject. “My best comedy, my truest comedy, is when I look to myself and analyze myself and express myself in terms of my own dysfunctionality.”

Armon did not always know he wanted to be a standup comedian, but he knew he was funny. Even while playing football at the University of Arizona, Armon had the itch to try comedy. So when his NFL days were over, he tried it and loved it. He soon found out that he had a natural stage presence and decided this is something he should pursue as a career. Armon is not your typical comedian. He is also an actor, model, script writer, a sports analyst, emcee, trained vocalist, performs voiceover work and does celebrity impersonations from Jesse Jackson to Stevie Wonder. “A lot of times, the audience will look at me in a certain way, but then I will say something and people in the audience will react like, ‘I                                                                                                         thought I was the only one who thought that.’”

 With his charismatic nature and sharp wit, Armon quickly exploded onto the comedy scene, performing across the country at such prestigious venues as the Hollywood Improv, Tempe Improv and the Mirage in Las Vegas. His comedy style is family friendly, witty, and creative. Displaying the same energy off the field as he did on the field, there is no doubt that Armon is making a huge impact on the comedy world.

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