Brandt Tobler


Comedian Brandt ToblerBrant began doing stand-up in Las Vegas open-mic scene and quickly became a crowd favorite all over town. Brandt is also much-loved among other comedians, partly because he always buys them beer, but mostly because he is a loyal and encouraging friend. After two years of comedy in Las Vegas he began to travel the country, performing all across the 50 states. He then returned to Las Vegas and founded the legendary Backyard Comedy Show. In the Backyard Comedy Show, Brandt created an independent, grass-roots, censor-and clique-free forum for comics to do what they love to do, which is perform, without having to deal with the confines of typical Vegas-casino red tape. Some of America’s funniest stand-up comedians have come to town to perform with Brandt. Brandt now lives in Hollywood, California and can be seen performing at clubs, colleges, theaters, on TV, and backyards all over the world! If you get a chance make sure to check him out LIVE! He always delivers a laid-back, offbeat, hilarious brand of comedy you are sure to enjoy.

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