Carly McMenoman


Stand up Comedian Carly McMenoman Carly McMenoman has been doing stand-up comedy before she could stand up. Currently, she is astonishing audiences with her special brand of feminist ideology. Reputed as “The Nicest Naughty Girl you’ll ever meet” she takes what every woman thinks (and every man wishes they’d say) to an extreme, yet still appeals to even the most demure puritan. Her provocative joke-telling style in conjunction with thoughtful set building urges her audience from their comfort zone, and makes them laugh about it, over and over.

Tn the upcoming documentary “About A Comic” chronicling Carly’s life as an emerging comic, Louie Anderson had this to say: “Carly is about telling the truth in a pretty straight0-forward way, but extremely clever and funny in her jokes. She’s automatic. Carly is someone I predict will be a star.”

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