Dan Moore


Stand-up Comedian Dan MooreDan Moore is the newest shining comedy star of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle’s Mainstage Comedy and Music Clubs called him “…brilliantly funny! The crowds loved him!” Dan is provocative and insightful. He delves deep into what makes funny FUNNY. He artistically creates a show that not just shows an audience who he is, but makes them want to take him home and make him part of the family.

Raised in a small town, Dan is big-city-funny. His opinions and interpretations about politics, life, and love are magical to watch. His original and masterfully funny routines make audiences beg for more. If you see one comedian from the west coast, make Dan Moore it! He has headlined the “Week of Fun” comedy festival, and has developed a niche for himself that has all the newness and creativity of the alternative comedy scene, while still being palatable and accessible and just damn funny!

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