DC Malone


Comedian DC MaloneAfter two decades touring as the comedy team Malone & Nootcheez, D.C. Malone decided it was time to go solo. An Oregon native and son of jazz drummer-mortician, DC lived in a mortuary till he was 13. “That’ll hone your comedy skills right off the bat” says D.C. Starting on drums, adding guitar by age 10 and raised on jazz, blues & folk, his life changed radically when grandma gave him a comedy album by Allen Sherman. Now hooked on Music & comedy he split his time between Beatles and Smothers Brothers. Leaving home at 16, DC met his future partner and longtime friend Hampton Nootcheez. With aspirations of rock stardom, they soon realized they were too cynical to be serious musicians… A comedy team was born.

Current history: Whether expounding on the trials and tribulations of marriage, complications of single life, his childhood, singing questionable camp songs, or critically acclaimed “Upper middle clas, white ass suburban just moved to the better part o town blues”, D.C. Malone’s show is filled with hilarious songs & stories inspired by his own fascinating life. With ease and likeability, his on-stage will have you feeling as if you’re in his living room with a bunch of friends. Great comedy for you… Good therapy for him.

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