Nigel Larson


Stand-up Comedian Nigel LarsonA few years ago, Nigel Larson was nothing more than a single, unemployed college dropout living in his parents’ basement. This seemed to him the perfect time to start a career in stand-up comedy and it was. He was quickly recognized in his first year by the Rochester Metromix paper, Insider, as one of the “top 5 funniest comics in Rochester under 30″ in 2008 and then was on the cover as “the face of Rochester comedy” in 2010.

Nigel takes the stage with a jovial demeanor and instant likeability. At first playing on his innocent appearance to establish a rapport with the audience he then quickly reveals that beneath his boyish good looks lies a cuttingly clever wit. H?is act is largely autobiographical, turning a lifetime of failure into consistent on-stage success with honest stories and sophisticated material. This coupled with a dry and subtle delivery, Nigel is the pleasant surprise audiences are looking for. His act is powerful enough for the drunk, indifferent crowds of a bar, yet intellectually satisfying for the audiences of a college.

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